ADHD in Adults and the Benefit of ADHD Professional Screeners

A lot of adults living with ADHD are unaware of their condition and can really benefit from ADHD professional screeners. This gives rise to a very frustrating situation where one has to deal with a condition that can disrupt every aspect of life and yet not be aware of its presence or what it really entails. Statics have shown that a massive 90% of adults that suffer from this condition are undiagnosed and untreated. This discovery has raised the need to draw public attention to this condition that was previously thought to affect children and disappear as they grow.

ADHD in Adults

What is ADHD?

ADHD is an acronym for Attention deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, which is a condition that affects children and teenagers mostly. It is now known to continue into adulthood in some cases. In children, the symptoms manifest themselves in three categories which are inattention, impulsiveness, and hyperactivity. The child is:

• Distracted easily, fidgets, squirms, and bounces.
• Fails to follow directions or complete tasks
• Forgets daily tasks and can’t play quietly
• Makes careless mistakes and fails to pay attention
• Has difficulty waiting their turn
• Does not appear to listen whenever someone is talking
• Daydreams a lot
• Talks a lot and interrupts others
• Misplaces things which include personal items

In adults, the condition manifests as:

• Impulsivity
• Disorganization
• Restlessness
• A hot temper
• Low frustration tolerance
• Difficulty concentrating and  focusing
• Mood swings

adhd professional screeners

What Is A Screener?

A screener is an 18 question adult ADHD-ASRS-v1-1 questionnaire which is designed to help in the diagnosis of ADHD. This self-diagnosis method is from the World Health Organization Composite International Diagnostic Interview. The screener will help you identify any signs of ADHD, but does not in any way provide a conclusive diagnosis or act as a replacement for the physician’s diagnosis, which places you in the hands of the right ADHD primary care providers.

You can find this screener on various websites that are involved in the fight against ADHD in adults. You must find a reliable website and try to know as much as you can before making a choice. It is important for every adult to eliminate the presence of ADHD through screener tests and to also be in a position to spot signs of trouble in the home and take appropriate action. This test can also be very helpful in the work environment as it can be a foundation for the betterment of those whose careers are being adversely affected by this condition.

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