Top 5 Signs of ADHD in Adults – Hidden Ailment

Attention deficit hyperactive disorder as a disease bites away at the emotional and social core of an individual suffering from this dreaded ailment. It is not one of those diseases that will announce its arrival in the form of prominent symptoms. Rather, it harms the cognitive and sociological abilities of a person very subtly, so that by the time there is even a semblance of its presence, the sufferer is well entrapped by ADHD’s claws. It has been difficult to get the medical fraternity recognize ADHD as a disease and frankly, the fight is not yet over. The top 5 signs of ADHD in adults are similar to, or same as the characteristic traits found in so-called “bums” or lazy and unproductive members of the society.

Top 5 Signs of ADHD in Adults


The fact, however, that differentiates the patients from them is that they, sadly, do not choose their lifestyle. The top 5 signs are

  • Hyperactivity
  • Retention problem
  • Procrastinating tendencies
  • Awkward social behavior
  • Complete inability to manage time

Apart from the aforementioned, erratic mood swings, fickle-mindedness, are some of the other effects of ADHD. It is interesting to note that these tendencies are visible in children as well, but the impact of ADHD in the life of an adult is much greater. A child can be taught, made to practice and helped to change their lifestyle in a permanent manner, considering they have time on their side. On the other hand, an adult who has passed through most of his/her life undiagnosed is faced with an uphill task of trying to completely alter their being in order to face the ailment head-on.

ADHD in Adults ADHD is an unconventional disease, thus its treatment also involves certain unfamiliar ways. Physicians and psychiatrists treating ADHD patients try out different ways to dissuade the patients from lapsing into the prolonged periods of unproductiveness. They need to be more of companions than doctors, keeping the patients motivated to perform tasks and keep up with the social commitments. Giving up is never an option with the people around ADHD, whether they are the sufferers or the curers.

Modern medicine has come a long way from just prescribing doses of Ritalin to cure ADHD. The practitioners nowadays strive to develop new methods and keep each other informed on the latest techniques yielding positive results for the patients. Various online portals and magazines are dedicated to the task of publishing, promoting and spreading ADHD related material to doctors and even the family members of the sufferers, so that they are also better-equipped to handle the disease in a better manner.