What Are The Benefits Of Electrodes Garments With TENS Machine?

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, and the machine is predominantly used for nerve related pain conditions. The machines were once found in the medical institutes as they were too expensive for home usage. Now, these devices are readily available for everyone to use. Here are some points that will clarify on why should you use TENS machines at home as well.


Relief From Pain

The electrical impulses will be able to alleviate the pain. A TENS unit will be able to provide immense relief naturally, and it is done by the body itself. The impulses stimulate the release of the endorphins in the body and are the natural way of relieving the pain, and the best thing about the TENS is that it is void of any side effects.

Nerve Retraining

The damage in nerves can lead to pain or loss in movement. When the nerves are not able to receive the signals correctly, the pain or difficulty in moving the part will be there. With the help of TENS unit, you can train the nerves to work properly. It is being used by the therapists who use it as a trigger for user’s muscle retraining. It is often enough to let the nerve follow the correct path to the muscle. When you use it for long, it helps in regaining lost mobility due to an injury or the accident.

Ease of Usage

TENS units are advanced medical devices, but they can be used at home rather easily as well. Those who are using the machines can place the included pads (electrode garments supply is many forms)on the muscle that needs stimulation. The TENS machines do the rest. Undoubtedly, these machines were complicated in the past, but the newer machines are simple to use and adjust. All you have to do is to change the dial or choose the right program setting to allow for the correct usage. The most challenging part is finding the right muscle to stimulate.

Massage Benefits

Many manufacturers are offering the TENS units as massagers. These machines follow a different pattern while providing the massage. The intensity levels may fluctuate to massage the muscle internally. These massages are very helpful for those who are suffering from the back or elbow pain.

At The End

There are many kinds of electrode garments which can be used with the machines to make them more effective to be used in various body parts.


Why Stocking Up On Electrotherapy Electrodes Garments Is Important

Pain treatment through electrotherapy devices is around for many years. However, its significance has now been realized very well.

It does not matter whether a person is suffering from labor pain, headache, backache, pain due to injury, arthritis, migraine, musculoskeletal pain, or general pain, use of TENS Unit, a hand-held electrotherapy device provides quick pain relief.

One big reason the TENS Unit gain huge popularity is its ability to treats chronic pain very well.

According to an article published on HowLiven, about 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain.
Chronic pain is a pain that lasts longer than six months. It often originates with initial trauma/injury. The pain signals in chronic pain remain active all time in the nervous system for several months or even years.

How TENS Unit Helps?

TENS Unit generates adjustable electrical impulses to cause body produce endorphins for pain relief. The best part of treating pain with TENS Unit supplies is it offers a non-invasive and drug-free treatment. It means it reduces the intake of painkillers up to a great extent to protect you from their side effects.

Components of TENS Unit

TENS Unit comes wired and wireless. Wired TENS devices operate on electricity while wireless runs on battery. The one that operates on battery offers more flexibility during pain treatment.

Talking about its specifications, it may vary from one device to another, but they all work to provide relief from pain.

The main component of TENS Unit is electrodes which are sticky patches and used to place on the skin where one needs treatment. However, to get a better grip, clean the skin first. After delivery, the gel should be removed to keep electrodes clean to get the same effect for the next treatment.

Stocking Up On Electrotherapy Electrodes Garments

Now, the problem with TENS Unit is you may get short of the electrodes that came with your TENS device because frequently cleaning them is not feasible, especially when you have no one with you to take care of yours.

In this situation, stocking up on electrotherapy electrodes garments helps you use new sets of electrodes immediately when you need quick treatment.

No need to bother though because you can get electrotherapy electrodes garments online. Many websites offer chiropractic supplies on discount. Choose the sets of electrodes that are compatible with your TENS device, have super soft fabric, provide good adhesiveness.

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