What is Electrotherapy and How It Works?

It is a form of treatment, which makes use of electrical impulses for treating damaged tissues, repairing muscles, and strengthening muscles by sensitizing them. There is historic evidence of the use of electrical stimulation for pain relief. The last two centuries have seen many electrostatic devices being used for pain control.

The therapy uses electrical signals to intervene the pain transmission signals into the brain. This in effect, creates disturbances in the message send from the nerve to the brain. The therapy is very useful when traditional medicines aren’t effective.

It can also involve the use of this electric current to hasten the healing of tissues where the damage has occurred and is taking too much time to heal.

Forms of Electrotherapy

Ultrasound, TENS, Laser Therapy and stimulation, and Inferential Therapy are its few forms. While sound waves are used for healing in ultrasound, TENS use electric signals to relieve you from pain. Laser therapy, as the name suggests, makes use of laser light to repair the damaged tissues. It ensures that therapy is accurate and precise.

TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation)

It is commonly used as a non-invasive way of relieving the painful conditions such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Lower Abdomen Pain
  • Labor Pain
  • Phantom Pain etc.

Working of TENS (TENS Electrotherapy)

Simply put, it is a small device which is capable of delivering electrical signals across the skin and into the affected area. Wires connect this device to sticky pad electrodes, which are placed on the skin in the affected area of pain. When the low-intensity electric signals pass through the affected area, they give relief from pain.

Inferential Therapy

It is an enhanced form of TENS and makes use of two high-frequency currents which are usually out of phase. Their flow interferes and generates a beat frequency which stimulates the affected region.

Therapy is usually executed by physiotherapists, the various clinical applications where it has been found to be effective are:

  • Pain Relief
  • Stimulation of Muscles
  • Local Blood Flow Increase etc.

The Effectiveness

Shorter treatment time, not exceeding 10 minutes, is usually sufficient to achieve the effect in acute conditions. The therapy is used as a complement to other physiotherapy techniques. These days you can find wired and wireless TENS unit supplies. Besides, the accessories are available as well to get the desired treatment for the affected location. You can find electrodes in various shapes and different clothing material meant for various pain areas.



How Do Tens Units Work?

You must be aware of variety of tens units and devices available in the market. Let us get to know how they work.

TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation which may sound scarier to you but is a wonderful discovery for pain relief treatments. TENS units consist of sticky electrodes that are placed on the skin of pain affected area. When TENS unit is turned on, it generates a low current through the electrodes to skin and tissue beneath it. Therefore, use of tens devices like Ultima 20 TENS unit may give you tingling sensation.

How A TENS unit actually work?

There are different theories regarding the pain relieving method of TENS unit. One such theory is Gate Control Theory which suggests that there is a neutral mechanism in spinal cord which functions as a gate for the flow of signals to the periphery of brain. The signal is used to change the perception of the pain in patient’s body. The frequencies generated by TENS unit alters the transmission of pain messages at spinal cord level and help the block their transmission to the brain.

Another theory called Endorphin release suggests that electrical impulses stimulate the generation of good hormones endorphin and enkephalin in the body. These natural hormone acts like painkillers by blocking the pain messages reaching the brain.

TENS for chronic pain

It has not been yet confirmed whether TENS relieve chronic pain or not. Several research works have confirmed that TENS can help controlling chronic pain. However, TENS is not effective for everyone. The best part about TENS is the minimal side effects. Unlike heavy doses of painkillers, it will not make you drowsy. It is easy to apply and can be worn anytime anywhere during activities.

Cons of using TENS

Although there is little negative associated with TENS devices, for example, the treatment is should not be used by a pregnant woman, an individual with poor sensation or a cancer patient or an individual having pacemaker. TENS devices should never be used around heart, chest, breast or head. There may be slight skin irritation with TENS, but only in rare cases.

You can easily purchase TENS unit from an online store, and it is very easy to use. Still, you should consult your physician about using it; s/he may refer you to a physical therapist who can help you decide the right device of TENS unit supplies for you.


Importance of Animal Sera Products in the Development of Biochemical Formulations

Biotechnology is a field that has particular seen a spurt of application of technology. Today, humans are acting second God in an attempt to create better lives for themselves. With state of the art facilities and a better understanding of life systems, chemical constituents from animals are isolated and recombined. The resulting creations would have been hard to comprehend in a world a century earlier. We are uncovering the mysteries of biology and chemistry in an intricate manner.

istock_000015923980small-1The elemental composition of life is the cell. Through various combinations, they create organisms of different kind. It is the cells that form the core of the research in the field of biotechnology. Another important constituent is plasma that forms a matrix in animal bodies. These are artificially made in the laboratory. There are positive and negative plasma available for different types of research. The plasma that is used in the laboratory acts as a facilitator of reaction mechanisms.

Technology has entered our lives in a deep and intangible way. Our lives hinge on technology and it has the power to create and adapt technology in the most unexpected settings. In fact, our lives have become so dependent on technology that even if we would not be able to escape it even if we wished to. The application of biotechnology has grown so fast that it is the area conducting some of the most advance research. The results are a phenomenal array of vaccines and biochemical. Animals of all kinds are used in an attempt to extract chemically beneficial substances. Animal sera products are the result of extraction of chemicals from the body and intestines of bovine animals. Cows, sheep and horses are the primary animals that are used. The extracted chemicals are then subject to different biochemical processes to create serum. Different types of serum are the raw materials for creation of such products.

While purchasing animal sera products, it is good to remember that they need to be hygienic and free of disease. Being obtained from live animals, there is a high risk of contamination by microorganisms that render the product useless. To eliminate risk, these need to be sterilized using the highest level of hygiene.

The market share of positive and negative plasma available along with animal serum has seen a growth in consumption. This is not a surprise seeing the importance these substances hold in steering the direction of future research. If you like to get more information Visit on Access Biologicals.

C4 Extreme by Cellucor – Is It Perfect For Body Building?


Irrespective of whether you are into body building, someone who works out regularly, are a sports buff or an athlete, you would need correct diet to maintain the energy and carry on with your work-out regime. With correct diet, you can get enough energy and do anything you want or even exceed your expectations. There are various ways to enjoy the correct energy you require, workout supplements are among the most popular choices. These supplements can definitely give you boost and that is the reason why market is filled with some of the finest health products from different brands. The fact is that it is extremely difficult to select a perfect energy supplement out of various options present.

If you want to make a correct decision, the records say that C4 Extreme by Cellucor is among the finest options to select when it comes to health supplements. C4 Extreme definitely outperforms all other energy enhancers in the class; it not just makes you extremely energetic, but also gives you more stamina. Here are some benefits of this healthy supplement along with the description that tells exactly what makes C4 Extreme so great. amino acid supplements

The advance compound in C4 is Nitrate that enhances the overall effectiveness of your body building exercises. What makes it better than all other supplements present in the market is its combination of Nitrate and Creatinine that enhances the water solubility in the muscles, resulting in much better absorption.

Apart from the aforementioned, one more ingredient is Beta Alanine that is known to arrest the fatigue and increases muscular endurance. This is one element that is responsible for improving your stamina and energy levels. With Beta Alanine, you can maximize the duration of your exercise because it provides the required energy and help you perform better. Niacinamide and Folic Acid are also present that are important for body building and improve healthy cell formation.

The product is available in various flavors, which makes it a popular choice of people of different tastes. When taken in correct amount, supplements can definitely improve your energy level. In case you are looking for C4 Extreme by Cellucor, the best way to get the product is by browsing the web and searching for an authentic e-seller. The web can help you get great variety from the comfort of your home. While buying the product, make sure to read user reviews to get true value for money.