All You Wanted to Know About Mesotherapy Treatment in NYC

The search for body sculpting methods have been prolonging for centuries. Most of the methods like exercising and dieting are effective, but the flab and other problems remain. Thus, the person is not completely satisfied by the end result. This search for perfection resulted in the discovery of Mesotherapy; a safe and affordable alternative to body sculpting than surgical procedure like liposuction.

If you are living in NYC and have struggled to shape your body by exercising and dieting, then you can opt for Mesotherapy treatment. There are a number of clinics and hospitals offering Mesotherapy treatment in NYC. However, if you are not aware of the treatment and its procedure, read this article to clear your doubts.

Mesotherapy Treatment in NYC
What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a cellulite and fat treatment that is in practice across the globe. The treatment includes injecting medicamentous substances under the skin in small amounts. Mesotherapy treatment has a variety of applications including, weight loss, face and neck rejuvenation, cellulite removal, and hair loss.


The medical treatment is performed by professionals with the help of subdermal injections, with every injection being as long as an eyelash. These injections contain a mixture of FDA approved medicines, natural extracts and vitamins. The formula is injected into the mesoderm–layer containing fat and tissues found right below the skin surface. The compound then works to shrink the fat cells and help the person lose fat easily. For best results it is advisable to visit the doctor twice a week for treatment.

Does It Hurt?

The Mesotherapy injections are not quite painful and are practiced without anesthesia. However, as a precautionary measure, anesthetic cream is applied to people with sensitive skin about a half hour before the treatment.

Mesotherapy NYC
Any Side-Effects

Except for developing allergy to an ingredient of the chemical used in Mesotherapy, the side-effects are limited to bruising. However, the bruises fade away within a week. But, you should not take any chances and discuss about the allergies and side effects with the doctor before opting for the treatment.

Duration of the Treatment

The treatment doesn’t require any preparation and process generally last for about half an hour. Since no anesthesia is given to the patient during the process, there’s no recovery time as well.

How Long Do the Benefits Last?

Medical professionals claim that areas under Mesotherapy treatment remain fat free until the patient continues regular exercise and eats a healthy diet. However, treatment for cellulite requires maintenance for six months to one year.

Lastly, Mesotherapy treatment in NYC is on the rise, so if you are also looking to get treated, you can also consult the doctor for the same.