How Obesity Surgery in NJ Can Be a Life Saver

If you are overweight, it may be worth your while to consider going for obesity surgery in NJ. Advances made in the medical field have refined some of the weight loss solutions that have been in existence for a long time. One of these procedures which is used widely in the US and other developed countries is Bariatric Surgery. This type of weight loss surgery has become more common in recent years owing to the steep rise in cases of childhood obesity.

What Is Bariatric Surgery?

This surgery is a very safe and effective weight loss treatment which caters to individuals with severe cases of obesity. It is a procedure which is also effective in altering your hormonal and metabolic functions, satiety, and the effects of obesity on the body. These functions play a central role in your desire to consume food as well as to stop the consumption. The surgery is designed to interrupt or alter the digestion process resulting in a marked change in the way food is broken down and absorbed.

The most common bariatric surgeries that are performed across the US include:
• Adjustable gastric banding
• Roux en-Y Gastric Bypass
• Sleeve Gastrectomy
• Biliopancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch

Who Needs Obesity Surgery NJ?

People who are obese face an increased risk of running into a variety of health problems. Those who are severely obese are also known to have a short life span unless they get the right help on time.

You are a candidate for this procedure if you are;
• At least a 100 lbs. over you ideal body weight
• 80 lbs. and above overweight and also have obesity related life threatening conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and/or sleep apnea, among others.

A simple calculation which considers variables such as your height and weight is employed to determine if you are underweight, normal weight, or overweight. This is called the Body Mass Index (BMI). This equation which is basically a measure of your height in relation to weight defines various levels of obesity. The FDA approves Bariatric surgery for individuals with a BMI of 30kg/m2 and above. These people should also have at one of the life threatening conditions associated with obesity.

There is a lot that you need to know before you can decide to go for such a procedure. Your commitment does not end with the decision to go for the surgery. You should know the risks and benefits associated with the procedure and also prepare to change your eating habits after the surgery.

Obesity surgery is a great option if you fall within the category of the at risk patients. The procedure is available from various medical institutions and is licensed by the FDA for specific cases. You need to learn as much as you can about the procedure before making a choice on whether or not to proceed.